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Latest News

Melton Mowbray residents urged to play their part by taking a test

Posted: Wed, 05 Aug 2020 15:17 by Sue Evans

Residents in parts of Melton Mowbray are being urged to get tested for coronavirus if they have symptoms and help bring rates down following a rise.

Over the next week, just under 20,000 people in the north and west parts of the town will receive a leaflet, and a text from their GP, telling them to get tested if they have symptoms. More »

Latest data for the borough shows that although the number of cases is still relatively small, the rate means it is in the top 10 areas in the country. Figures show that there have been 32 cases in the last fortnight – and the rate per 100,000 is 37.2, which is significantly higher than the national average of 8.8 per 100,000 people.

Mike Sandys, Leicestershire County Council's Director of Public Health, said: "We've seen an increase recently and although numbers are fairly small, we need people to play their part and drive down rates.

"This increased testing in selected parts of the borough is targeted because these are areas where we're seeing the highest number of cases in the community – and we're working closely with the borough council and GPs to help get the message out.

"The key to getting this under control is in all of our hands – and testing is how we will avoid the need for local restrictions. If you have symptoms, you must book a test. To protect yourself and others, keep two metres apart, wash your hands and always wear a face covering in confined spaces."

Nick Rushton, Leader of Leicestershire County Council, said: "Testing flushes out cases - helping to stop the spread and bring down infection rates. We know that worked successfully in Oadby and Wigston which was in lockdown before an intensive testing programme was introduced.

"This remains the biggest health crisis in living memory and we need everyone to pull together and play their part. I can't emphasise it enough. That's how we can save lives and livelihoods."

Joe Orson, Leader of Melton Borough Council said: "It is disappointing to see an increase in cases in Melton, but we are thankful that we have the data to guide us in our action to limit the spread of the virus and prevent increased restrictions being imposed upon the borough.

"We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our friends, families and communities safe from this virus and we are proactively working with partners to prevent the situation from worsening.

"We're urging everyone to be diligent and play their part. It is vital that everyone follows the government guidance in order to stay safe and get tested if you have any symptoms. By following these rules at all times we can push these numbers back down."

Residents who are being urged to get tested will receive a text from their GP and a leaflet telling them how to do this.

A mobile testing unit is due to be at the Melton Borough Council Offices, Parkside car park from Thursday (6 August).

Book a test via the NHS website – - or call 119 » Less

Government guide lines for use of play area

Posted: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 11:01 by Sue Evans

Government guide lines for use of play area

Following the governments announcement that play areas will be open from 4 July further guidelines have now been issued.

  • Play areas are limited to 2 families at any one time.
  • Families should bring with them their own sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.
  • For each equipment used families should ensure they wipe down before their child uses it.
  • At the end of your session please sanitise the equipment you have used.

If you are aware of guidelines on the park not being followed please report to the parish clerk. More »

Upon return home please remember to wash your hands in hot soapy water in accordance to government guide lines.

Over the past 4 months the parish council have been very appreciative of the common sense approach adopted by local residents regarding the use of the play areas. » Less

Parish Council Casual Vacancy Nether Broughton / Queensway Ward

Posted: Thu, 09 Jul 2020 12:19 by Sue Evans

Parish Council Vacancy – Co-option

Nether Broughton and Old Dalby Parish Council have a vacancy in their Nether Broughton / Queensway ward for a Parish Councilor. Interested candidates must be a British subject or citizen, over 18, an elector and either More »

(a) during the whole of the twelve months before the day on which s/he is nominated as a candidate (or the day of the election) resided in the parish or community or within three miles of it; or

(b) occupied as an owner or tenant any land or premises therein; or

(c) had his/her principal or only place of work there.

Please submit your application giving details of your suitability and what you feel you can bring to the role by way of benefit to the community.

Applications should be submitted Via email to the parish clerk by Wednesday 29 July – (Sue Evans) » Less