Broughton & Old Dalby Parish Council

Serving the people of Nether Broughton, Old Dalby, Queensway, Six Hills and surrounding farms

Clerk: Lucy Flavin
Broughton Cottage, 60 Main
Road, Nether Broughton
Leicestershire LE14 3HB

Tel: 01664 822568

September 2016

At the end of September, leaflets introducing the members of the Advisory group and summarising progress so far are being delivered to all properties in the Parish. These will be followed up by a visit from representatives from the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee and / or Theme groups to canvas how you would like to be kept informed.

November 2016

During November the volunteers on the 3 Theme Groups (Environment, Housing and Facilities & Infrastructure) are continuing to work hard to gather information, develop ideas and draft written plans and potential policies.

Parishioners are being asked for their ideas and comments based on 10 topics, either through the VocalEyes computer system ( or by completing a paper form.

During December and January the first draft of the written Neighbourhood Plan will be created.There will then be a consultation period during February and March when Parishioners will be invited to read and comment on the draft Plan before it is amended and then submitted to Melton Borough Council.Subject to successful independent examination of the Plan in June and July, it should be finalised and adopted by October 2017.

December 2016

Our team of volunteers, together with the consultants from Yourlocale, are continuing to gather information and to draft sections of the written Neighbourhood Plan document.

This should be ready for the open consultation events around the parish which we hope you will attend on Saturday 11 February to give us your feedback and help develop the Plan.

In the meantime, we thought you would like to see and comment upon the first draft of sections on Background, Vision and Objectives.

Hence, please review the attached document and let us know what you think by replying by email to the clerk.

It would be particularly helpful if anyone who knows a lot about the history and geography of the parish could verify the information contained in the Background section. However, please bear in mind that this is intended to be a very brief overview not a full account!

We look forward to hearing from you.

January 2017

All residents of the Parish as well as any person with a stake in Parish (such as land owners or those operating a business in the Parish) are invited to our OPEN CONSULTATION EVENT on SATURDAY 11TH FEBRUARY 2017 to find out and comment on the draft Neighbourhood Plan policies for Broughton and Old Dalby Parish

We will be presenting at THREE LOCATIONS:

10am-12noon Nether Broughton Village Hall

1pm - 3pm Old Dalby Village Hall

4pm - 6pm Queensway Scout Hut

These are drop in events where you will have the chance to view display boards which will summarise progress to date, talk with members of the Advisory Committee and provide us with your comments. You are welcome to attend at any of the locations, so if you can't make the one in your village, please feel free to attend at one of the other halls.

For those who cannot make this date, there will be a supplementary drop in event at Old Dalby Village Hall on Saturday 25th February 10am - 12noon

April 2017

The Regulation 14 Consultation on the pre-submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan commences on 18.04.2017 and closes on 30.05.2017. The Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee is inviting people who live and work in the area to read the draft plan and comment on it prior to the document being finalised. Your comments will influence the final draft before it is submitted to Melton Borough Council.

A copy of the draft Plan and the pre-submission Comments Form are available during this consultation phase on this website and in paper form at the Old Dalby Village Hall, the Nether Broughton Village Hall and the Queensway Scout Hut.

July 2017

Regulation 16 Consultation

The Nether Broughton and Old Dalby Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Melton Borough Council.

In accordance with the associated Regulations, Melton Borough Council are conducting a Regulation 16 consultation commencing on the 20th July, Concluding on the 30th August 2017.

To access further information about this process or to make a comment please use the web link below.