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The Life of the Turkey Oak Prolonged

The Life of the Turkey Oak Prolonged

The large Turkey Oak tree on The Green in Old Dalby is a familiar sight to everyone who lives in or travels through the area. It is believed to date back either to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897 or the coronation of King Edward VII on 9th August 1902.

Unfortunately, following concerns expressed by the Highways Department at Leicestershire County Council, a recent survey into the health of the tree recommended its complete removal.

Recognising the importance of the tree to local residents and to ensure all possible information had been sought the Parish Council commissioned a second survey. At their recent meeting Councillors voted unanimously to follow a second option presented in this latter survey. This option will ensure the health and safety of the tree and users of the The Green and adjacent highway whilst also prolonging the life of the tree.

The tree is to be pruned to a 7meter monolith leaving the lowest structural branches at approximately 1.5m from trunk and shaping the remainder of the tree accordingly. The Parish Council recognises that the tree will look very different following the required work but it is hoped that residents will be able to enjoy this much loved tree in its different form for some years to come.

Copies of both surveys are available below and residents will be kept informed of the timescale for completion of the work.

Posted: Tue, 06 Aug 2019 23:00 by Sue Evans

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