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Broughton, Leicestershire
LE14 3HD

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Footpath Users Respect of Farmland especially during the Cornavirus Outbreak


The Government is encouraging us to take regular exercise during the coronavirus emergency and many of us are taking advantage of the extensive footpath network within our Parish. It is timely to remind everybody that most of our footpaths pass through active farmland.

· Please keep to the footpaths (including children) so as not to damage crops. Even pasture is a crop as it is food for livestock.

· Please keep dogs on a lead. They can scare livestock and remember spring is the nesting season for wild birds which are easily disturbed.

· Please clear up any mess, important so as not to contaminate grass destined to be silage or hay.

· Finally, in the current situation please avoid close contact with anyone you may meet and where possible use gloves when opening gates and crossing styles.

Could we therefore ask everybody using footpaths to respect the private land they are walking across. Your co-operation will be welcome especially by the farmers!

Please click on the link below for the NFU guidance

Posted: Mon, 06 Apr 2020 08:19 by Sue Evans

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